Ehrenamtlicher Einsatz

Unsere Geschäftsführerin Karen Sternberger im Einsatz …


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Das Sprachwerk English Movie Update

Thursday = Movie Day

Ganz frisch: unser English Movie Update!

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Das Sprachwerk Rhein-Main is your LANGUAGE SERVICE PROVIDER in the Rhine-Main Area.

We provide foreign language trainings, coachings and consultations tailored to your actual language requirements.

Unlike most language training programs with their predesigned curriculum, we continuously adapt contents and methods to your specific needs as they evolve.

To optimize our customization process, our trainings combine language and intercultural skills as well as skills specific to your industry, project and even individual tasks.

"Your needs define our service" is the guiding principle here at das Sprachwerk.

We look forward to working with you!


Karen Sternberger & Astrid Schmitt