Skills Trainings

When we say "Skills", we mean ’acquired capabilities’. Accordingly, Das Sprachwerk's Skills Trainings are a well-rounded blend of business language contents and the relevant business skills:

Presenting to German-speaking audiences, conference calls, or negotiating in German are just a few examples.

With our Skills Trainings, you and your organization will become all ready and prepared for future challenges in a speedy, efficient and sustainable way.

Our free-of-charge initial interview is your first step on your way to a Sprachwerk Skills Training. So book your appointment now!

Other Languages

Our Skills Trainings are not only available in German but also in a wide range of other languages, e.g. in English.

If you have questions about this, please never hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist!


Das Sprachwerk offers a wide range of Skills Trainings. 

During our free-of-charge initial interview, we will discuss your exact needs and wishes in oder to find out which Skills Training would best suit you.

  • Professionally Presenting to a German-speaking audience
  • Small Talk with German business partners
  • Building blocks for German standard correspondence

Many more Skills Trainings are available at Das Sprachwerk.

For highly specific needs, we have created our unique Executive Trainings.

Das Sprachwerk's Portfolio

Das Sprachwerk's Skills Trainings are embedded in a perfectly rounded range of services:

We appreciate that business people use their resources carefully. That is why Das Sprachwerk's trainings come with a wide range of corporate services  so you can focus on your learning experience.