Executive Trainings

International business activities not only demand business-appropriate and highly technical language skills. Intercultural competence is just as important.

Das Sprachwerk Rhein-Main is your partner in developing these skills step by step. Our years of experience and our extensive analyses prior to your training, provide us with the means to perfectly tailor your Executive Training to your individual needs, requirements and goals.


Advantages at a Glance

  • Fully customized training plan for your specific area of expertise
  • In-depth analysis of your working environment
  • Training materials specifically created for you, based on your actual documents, e.g.procedures, working instructions, presentations, etc
  • Individually designed Practical Application Module
  • Personalized glossary
Case Study 1 – International Special Engineering

MHT Mold & Hotrunner Technology, a highly export-oriented engineering specialist, have been our customer for many years. Das Sprachwerk has been and still is providing them with a wide range of language services:  "Business English Conversation" group trainings, intensive one-to-one trainings as well as urgent translations jobs.

MHT know that they can always count on Das Sprachwerk delivering best quality, even at very short notice. Our Executive Trainings have always played an important part in this:

  • English for MHT Sales & Purchase
  • English for MHT Technical Reporting
  • English for MHT Legal HR Issues

We are very pleased with their kind testimonial!

Case Study 2 – Delivering PR All Over Europe

Our business relation with the Wiesbaden-based communication agency Fauth Gundlach & Hübl is a very cooperative and mutually beneficial one. With direct access to their current materials, sitting in in conference calls and receiving project updates on a regular basis, Das Sprachwerk can deliver top quality. What follows is drafting concepts, creating materials and training modules that, together, meet the requirements of the agency's team to the point:

  • Reading Skills: efficient reading techniques
  • Writing Skills: translating and composing English texts
  • Conference Calls Skills: active and effectives participation in international conference calls
  • Sitting in in real calls, providing feedback
  • Practical Module: mock conference call with detailed feedback

Fauth Gundlach & Hübl were so kind to provide us with this testimonial!

Case Study 3 – An International Coaching Project

When companies grow at international level, complex organisational structures tend to be a consequence. Businesss coaches and trainer assist these businesses in  communicating these developments to their staff.

Obviously, in export-oriented Germany, these will mostly be international.

When our customer ViT Veränderung im Team GmbH  was preparing for an extensive coaching job for a company of exacrly this type, they soon found that this was going to be a language challenge as well. So they turned to Das Sprachwerk. Our analyses yielded the following results:

  • One-to-one training "English for Coaching": project- and industry-specific Business English training
  • Skills Coaching: analysis of and preparation for the anticipated coaching situations 
  • Co-Creating: joint creation of coaching materials in English
  • Translation of concept  and handouts for the coaches, etc

Apparently, this has worked out quite nicely, as you can see from the testimonial ViT was kind enough to provide!

Case Study 4 – Midwifery Students in Wiesbaden

The Rhine-Main Area is one of the most multicultural regions of Germany. This includes Expatriates, military people and international students, some of who use their stay here to start a family.

For midwifery and medical professionals this can pose a langläge challenge. Wiesbaden's biggest hospital, which boasts its own academy "Akademie der Dr.-Horst-Schmidt-Kliniken", therefore, has launched its very own program to prepare their midwifery trainees for this international environment. They asked Das Sprachwerk to create a special training "English for Midwifery Trainees":

  • Group workshop "English for Midwifery Trainees": job- and task-specific Business English training
  • Manual Inch the training contents, pictures and tips for self-study
  • Translation of take-home messages, medical forms and sheets

Das Sprachwerk conducts a similar Training the trainees of the Academy's trainings program for Surgery assistants. This is their testimonial.