Training Formats

At Das Sprachwerk we are well aware of the fact that our customers' busy schedules can make finding time for language trainings quite the challenge.

This is why we offer highly flexible training formats: both your learning goals and your schedule are at the center of Das Sprachwerk's trainings.

Our extensive needs analyses ensure that you get the best-suited format – and that it can be adapted should your schedule change.

Our Training Formats

Learn more about the details and advantages of our various training formats by clicking on the boxes below.

One-to-One Training

One-to-one trainings are all about you: your needs, your wishes, your goals and your previous knowledge. Your personal trainer collaborates with you as closely as possible, which in turn leads to a fast and effective learning experience.

Specifics & advantages:

  • Maximum individualization of training contents
  • Maximum individualization of teaching methods
  • Highly flexible schedule
  • Fast progress
  • Specially suited for Executive Trainings
  • Can be combined with any other training format
Partner Training

Partner Training - two participants learning the language together - is probably the best blend of a high level of individualization and great flexibility. This format is especially suited for two learners who share the same goals and level of knowledge. 

Specifics & advantages:

  • Shared learning goals
  • Ongoing exchange
  • Flexible schedule
  • Fast progress
  • Specially suited for Skills Trainings
  • Can be combined with any other training format
Mini Group Trainings

We recommend our mini group trainings when the participants have the same or very similar goals. Combine this with one level of knowledge and you will get a highly motivated group of learners. Conversation classes, German for presentations, English for one specific department - all these are exemplary mini groups that make learning a language  a ’joint venture’!

Specifics & advantages:


  • Only 4 - 7 participants
  • Weekly lessons for continuity
  • Best value through shared costs
  • Dynamic learning in group activities (peer-to-peer learning)
  • Specially suited for conversation classes as well as Skills Trainings
  • Can be combined with any other training format
Group Trainings

When a number of people need to acquire rather specific language skills, a group training  (8 - 15 participants) can be the best solution.

Specifics & advantages:

  • In-house booking available
  • Weekly lessons ensure continuous progress
  • Clearly-defined time frame, clearly-defined training goals
  • Best value through shared costs
  • Specially suited for writing skills seminars (German for emails, English for reporting, etc), grammar classes and for exams preparations
  • Can be combined with any other training format

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You know your training goal, however, time is scarce? Consider a Sprachwerk workshop!

Sprachwerk workshops are available for smaller and larger groups of 4 - 12 participants. They provide the ideal learning environment for accelerated learning, a highly dynamic, very pragmatic and most of all, an extremely goal-oriented and interactive learning experience.

 Specifics & advantages:

  • Can be booked in-house
  • Available both as a full-day, morning, or afternoon workshops
  • Specially suited for short-term learning goals
  • Strong focus on co-operation, interaction and practical application
  • Instant training results
  • Can be combined with other training format

We are happy to provide case studies! 

Intensive Trainings

Intensive trainings are mostly one-to-one trainings for anyone who wants to or has to reach their goal as quickly as possible. Prior to the training, we conduct Das Sprachwerk's in-depth inital interview and create a very detailed and individually designed training plan.

Specifics & advantages:

  • Can be booked for as few as 4 units per day (1 unit = 45 minutes) and more
  • Specially suited for short-term learning goals
  • Immediate training results
  • Highly custom-tailored contents and methodology
  • Can be combined with any other training format
Practical Application Module

Definitely a Sprachwerk special: our Practical Application Module, perfectly tailored to your previous training contents and progress!

In cooperation with you, we choose the ideal practical application exercise for you.

We create this segment for you, put it into practice, provide you with qualified detailed feedback and, finally, incorporate the results in your further training with us.

  • Flexible timing
  • Customized contents and methods
  • Constructive feedback, oral or written (on request)
  • Incorporation of feedback results into your further training
  • Can be booked separately

We are happy to point out to you which trainings most benefit from a Practical Application Module.