Our Team

Das Sprachwerk Rhein-Main – a team of highly qualified, experienced and motivated trainers.

Add to this our broad network of consultants, coaches and trainers from related fields of expertise, such as intercultural awareness or translating and interpreting services, and you get a first idea of why you can always rely on Das Sprachwerk to provide the best language service for you.

Language Trainers

Anita Gerhard, English (UK), Polish, German
Astrid Schmitt, English (UK), German
Barbara Swayne, English (UK)
Beatrice Strohschneider, German
Begüm Meier, Turkish
Gustavo Moraga Sorana, Spanish
Hanul Park, Korean
Heather Watson, English (UK)
Jonathan LaCourt, English (US)
Karen Sternberger, Englisch (US), German
Katja Albert, English (US), German
Khrystyna Khusid, Russian
Sabine Frisch, Chinese (Mandarin)
Sepideh Damerchilo, German
Serap Halimler, Turkish
Sylvie Eimer, French

Coaches & Consultants

Language Coaches & Consultants

Astrid Schmitt, English (UK)
Barbara Sowa, English
Britta Weber (German)
Karen Sternberger, English (US)
Sabine Frisch, Chinese (Mandarin)
Susanne Heyse, Spanish

Intercultural Coaches & Consultants

Claudia Budana, Israel
Begüm Meier, Turkey
Sabine Frisch, China
Susanne Heyse, Spain & South America
Volker Oberkircher, India

Translators & Interpreters

Barbara Sowa, English, German
Doris Hanna, English, French, Arabic, German
Monika Bauer-Boothroyd, English
Susanne Heyse, Spanish, German
Sylvie Eimer, French, German
Ulrike Andersson, Danish, English, German