Das Sprachwerk is your one-stop service provider for foreign language trainings.

Starting with the initial interview and placement, we accompany you all the way to your learning goals.

Even after completing your training, we are still committed to ensuring your lasting learning success by providing individualized glossaries, handouts, etc.

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Many building blocks, one goal: creating the ideal training for you…

Many building blocks, one goal: creating the ideal training for you, your company or your project.

Click on the individual blocks that make Das Sprachwerk's language trainings run so smoothly.

Our needs analysis, placements and training plans are free of charge!

In-depth analyses: for every participant…

We conduct face-to-face interviews with every participant:

  • Written and oral placement
  • Extensive needs analysis, defining your training goals and contents
  • Learning type analysis
  • for Skills Trainings: trainer sit-ins (English for Conference calls) or assessing sample documents (English for Emails)
  • for Executive Trainings: we analyze your working environment, relevant documents and ]communication channels used for your current project and so much more

If necessary, we include the expertise of our network partners.

Transparent planning: after the initial interview…

Transparent planning: after the initial interview, we create:

  • A detailed training plan
  • Recommendations regarding training type, format and scope
  • Our comprehensive offer, incl. prices, T&C, etc

All this comes free of charge and without further obligations!

Prompt training start: as soon as you give us your go…

Prompt training start:

As soon as we receive your go, we proceed immediately:

  • Prompt training start 
  • Flexible training schedule & formats
  • Regular feedback 
  • Tracking attendance and lesson budgets

Sprachwerk added-value: we accomodate any change in your schedule, your needs and any other aspect of your training.

Optional Refresher Day – tried, tested and proven

Optional Refresher Day – a highly effective tool for even better retention and a unique opportunity to put your skills to the test:

  • Revision, recap, practical application 
  • Recommended 4 - 6 weeks after training
  • Available for separate booking

You can book the Sprachwerk Refresher Day as a separate building block at any time. During the Refresher Day, you can revise, recap and give us feedback on your experience with the practical application of your newly-acquired skills.

Prices and T&C on request.

Das Sprachwerk recommends: Get your individual offer for the Refresher Day at the beginning of your training!